What Now?

Summer 2020

Many internship programs were canceled due to Covid-19.  Like many other students, my internship offer was rescinded.  However, I was intent on making this time work for me.  I used my network to secure projects for startups at varying stages.  Although I am working in strategy and product management, the startup environment necessitates that we wear many hats!


Backed by Tech Stars, PeakMetrics offers media monitoring and more!  I’m helping them to find ways to best scale the business.


Using NLTK and web scraping, WellnessChamps aims to aggregate user data from health & fitness apps to match with similar users and make recommendations. 


Many people live in multi-generational homes or have roommates which impede on a couple’s intimacy.  Quickie (interim name) aims at creating an affordable option for these couples by listings hotel rooms at four-hour blocks.


I’m accepting different projects.  You can see the full list of past work here, but contact me for help on your project. 

Grad School

Now a Trojan

With years of work experience that allowed me to learn of my personal strengths, I decided to pursue an MBA to accelerate my career path.

Why USC?

University of Southern California (Marshall) is ranked No. 17 in Best Business Schools and No. 13 (tie) in Part-time MBA.

The USC alumni network, ranked #6 in the world by The Economist, creates a strong spirit of community that forges natural bonds between Trojans around the world.






Work Experience

Although my initial intent behind pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science was to become a lawyer, I discovered that few lawyers are entirely ethical.  I then decided to pursue business because business has heavy influence in the capitalist system within the United States today.


“H&M’s incredibly cool sibling is readying for a major stateside expansion plan—and Cali will yet again reap the benefits.”

Three promotions

While working within H&M Group, I experienced three different promotions, each exposing my different strengths.

Four Locations

I aided in various store openings and was among the team to bring the COS brand to the US market.

growing business

I continuously analyzed sales figures and was hands-on with customer service to make sure the business grew.

leadership roles

Even prior to obtaining any managerial positions, I knew the importance of having a leadership presence.



Due to an interest in creating social equity, I majored in Political Science and minored in Sustainability in pursuance of my Bachelor of Arts degree.






EQ and Social Justice

Having grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I always believed that this is where I gained my depth of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and interest in creating justice regarding social issues.