Another Summer 2020 Project

PeakMetrics is a media monitoring company backed by Techstars, a well-known seed stage startup accelerator platform for investment and innovation.

Primarily for uses in Public Relations, PeakMetrics offers the most omni-channel option for social listening in its market.


I wanted to make sure I added as much value as possible while working with PeakMetrics.  Sales and marketing are inevitably imperative for a seed-stage company’s growth.

In addition to identifying and researching markets the company has yet to enter, I aided in cold calls and emails to gain new enterprise clients.

Venture Funding

While two thirds of time is spent on ensuring a strong, competitive product, the other third is spent fundraising.

As such, I aided the CEO in identifying venture funds with theses that correspond with PeakMetrics’ sector, stage, geography, etc.



While the company has a strong product and the team has incredible work ethic, another MBA-student consultant and I provided recommendations for the company’s overall strategy. 

We provided insight on competitive advantage, differentiation, and potential untapped markets. 




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